Top 5 Outdoor Adventures – Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow State Park is noted for its gorgeous scenery, charming locals, and tremendous adventurous opportunities. For those who are thinking about hitting the outdoors, it’s time to look at what can be done in this beautiful part of Utah. It is a place that is riveting, fun, and engaging in a way that is difficult to beat. Whether it is hopping on a jet ski or an ATV, there is always something to do here.

Let’s take a look at a few options that you will want to consider when in the region.

ATV Rentals Sand Hollow

Renting an ATV is a fascinating experience and one that is going to let you appreciate the geological beauty of the Coral Sand Dunes. The sand dunes in this area are appreciated for their intricate detailing and the Navajo sandstone that is the foundation of what makes the area special. It was during the Middle Jurassic period when this sandstone was rife in the area and that is what turned into the sand that is seen these days. Iron offers a variety of oxides and minerals that make the sand turn a unique color of pink. This impressive color was the inspiration behind the name “Coral Sand Dunes”.

sand hollow atv

If you want to explore the area on an ATV, we highly recommend that you take time to take a break from riding and get up, close and personal with everything the area has to offer. This is why the ATV rentals in Sand Hollow is an exciting adventure and will allow you to explore the sand dunes the way you want to. Along with the natural desert beauty that is going to be all around you, it is also a charming experience to factor in other elements such as the winds and see how the sand flows through the area. It is quite a sight and something you are going to want to make sure to notice with your ATV rental trip. When you are riding around, you are going to see a unique set of desert qualities associated with the sand dunes. They are intricately set up and will allow you to experience the joys of exploring the country an ATV. This includes getting to see how the open valleys in the area can help provide a unique experience.

The Coral Sand Dunes have been around for more than 15,000 years. As a result, you get to see geological history right in front of your eyes while riding around. One of our favorite locations is seeing  the dinosaur foot prints at Warner Valley. You are also going to get to enjoy the outdoors for the insects that are around the area. These are not common insects that you would see in other parts of Utah. They are specific to the area including the famous Coral Pink tiger beetle that is found nowhere else.  

When you get the chance to spot these insects, you are going to be fascinated with the experience. It is a unique experience to see the rare insect that can only be found in the desert climate. You will also notice other amphibians that roam around such as toads and salamanders near the ponds that are in the dunes. These small ponds are great because you are going to get the chance to ride around and look at them from all angles. Make sure to bring sturdy hiking shoes! ATV riders can roam around at least 90% of the Coral Sand Dunes. For the rest of the are, you are welcome to go hiking to explore what they have to offer.

boating sand hollow water

Sand Hollow Boat Rentals

With over 1,300 acres of water, the Sand Hollow Reservoir is popular among recreational boaters for all that it has to offer. Water skiers, tubers, and wake-boarders enjoy the warm water in a way that is far different compared to the colder reservoirs in Utah. The area is often compared to Antelope Island and Wasatch Mountain for its sheer size. The Sand Hollow Reservoir is appreciated as one of the best outdoor destinations in the region and rightly so. You are going to notice this once you arrive.


You are going to get the chance to do all sorts of things here whether it is boating, biking, cliff jumping, fishing, or even skiing. It is common for people to spend time exploring the sculpted dunes due to the gorgeous red sand. This makes it a fascinating sight to look at when you are on the water of the reservoir. You will want to take a moment, to whenever you get the chance and take pictures and enjoy the unique desert landscape the surrounds the Sand Hollow Reservoir. The view is truly breathtaking and is going to be memorable for a long time to come.

For those who are thinking about heading out to Sand Hollow, it is located seven miles away from the I-15 Hurricane Exit. You can take this exit and continue to travel east four miles before getting to Sand Hollow Road.  It is recommended to come early in the day if you want to spend time here. When the sun is out, you are going to appreciate being in the water, especially on a calmer day. This is when you are going to get to enjoy doing the outdoorsy activities here at Sand Hollow while getting on a boat.

Sand Hollow Jet Ski Rentals

Getting on a jet ski is a lot of fun and you are going to want to make the most of it when you are in Sand Hollow.

Due to the nature of the water, it is perfect for those who want to hop on a jet ski and race around. There is ample space and you are always going to want to spend time in the water when you are at the reservoir. This is due to the backdrop and how everything settles into place as soon as you begin exploring.


jet ski sand hollow park

 For many people, jet skiing is the ultimate water experience. There are few things more exhilarating than speeding around the reservoir on a jet ski. Jet skiing is also a great way to explore the park and explore the exciting features of the park. Make sure to visit the cliffs and if you’re brave enough, then try Sand Hollow cliff jumping!

While jet skiing may seem similar to boating, there are some key differences that make the experience unique. For example, you can stand up on a jet ski, which gives you a better view of your surroundings. Additionally, jet skis are much faster than boats, so you can cover more ground in less time. Finally, jet skis are more maneuverable than boats, so you can easily avoid obstacles in your path. Whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, jet skiing is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.

paddle boarding sand hollow lake

Paddle Board Rentals

When you are at the Sand Hollow Reservoir, there are many options to enjoy the resevoir such as boats and jet skis. However, there is one that tends to stand out a lot for those who want to get as close to the water as possible and that would be paddle boards. Paddle board rentals are a lot of fun and you are going to get to lounge in the water while paddling as slow or as fast as you want.

This is an experience that is appreciated by those who just want to soak in the water and settle in on a peaceful day at the reservoir. These paddle board rentals are great because they are fine-tuned for the area and work well when you are in the water. You are going to feel safe exploring what the reservoir has to offer and you are going to get to see the Coral Sand Dunes from the water.


Bike Rentals St George Utah

Due to the 15,000 acres of space and the gorgeous red rock, the experience on the ride trails near Sand Hollow is worth the time and investment. These are unforgettable trails in Sand Hollow and near St George are going to make special memories. It is common for people to rent bikes and ride Sand Hollow Park because of how much there is to explore. Your eyes are going to be drawn in by what you see and that is due to the natural aesthetic of the desert.



mountain bike rental st george

Sand Hollow State Park is appreciated for its biking trails and you are going to want to spend a lot of time there as a biker. Look at famous trails such as The Maze to see what is out there. This is one of the most popular trails for a reason. It is gorgeous, fun, and offers a lot to do for those who are on their bike. The Maze trail is accessible from the Sand Hollow Reservoir. You go through the sand dunes and then continue to head towards the West Rim trail. This is ideal for those who want to explore what the area has to offer while having a bit of fun.  It is common for people to head over to the SxS Adventure Rally that takes place from time to time. This is an event that is all about making this trail a place for enthusiasts that want to have an adventure. This tends to take place during November and is an event you are not going to want to miss if you have never been to one and are in the area.

These are some of the rentals you are going to want to consider when it is time to head outdoors. There is a lot to do in this part of Utah and that is what makes it a beautiful place to spend your time in. You are going to adore the various locales and everything that is on display as soon as you are outdoors.

It is an experience that is going to be remembered for a long time to come and that is what makes St George amazing.