2022 Can-Am X3 Maverick XDS 200 hp Turbo RR Two, Four or Five Person Models

Discover the newest fleet of 200 hp Turbo RR vehicles, which are available in two, four, and five person configurations. In sand, dirt, and trails, improved airflow dynamics change the game. The Maverick X3 200hp RR lineup is tougher, quicker, and more agile than ever before, no matter where you go. Drive on the rim and then back. The Maverick X3 revolutionized the industry, and now it’s even better with the most sophisticated suspension ever fitted to a Can-Am Turbo or Max model. Over every terrain, the semi-active suspension reacts with unrivaled speed to both compression and rebound. The 5 person UTV option is only $50.00 more than the other options.